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[DvD] Rules

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[DvD] Rules

Beitrag von Fairy Fee am 4/26/2014, 19:49

We play in format  OU , bo3 (best of 3).  You are allowed to change your team within the battles.

Points system:

2 wins in the first 2 battles (no 3rd fight necessary): 3 points
2 wins and 1 lose:                                                          2 points
1 win and 2 losses:                                                        1 point
0 wins:                                                                             0 points
Give up = 0 wins:                                                            0 points

Each team has 12 main participants and substitutes. The substitutes gonna be involved if someone is inactive.  Take note that if any team needs a sub, you have to announce it

You can find your opponents in the topics "team DUTCH" and "team DEUTSCHE". you have to battle each member of the team.
We won't set any deadlines or sth, but of course we want a smooth tournament.

Post your result of each battle in the topic "RESULTS" .
for example:

Fairy Fee vs Destiny
0 wins, 2 losses -  2 straight wins  =  3 points team DUTCH

Moreover we need a few team captains in order to confirm the results, so we can update the current score correctly.

In the end, you will receive a group score and a personal score.
The team with the highest total score wins and the participant with the highest personal score wins the indivudual award.

Be aware of the following:
This tournament is meant to be fun on entertaining purposes allthough it should be competitiv. Any kind of abuse, insulting or just awful behaviour during the tournament won't be tolerated
and introduces disqualification.

After both teams have announced their participants and team captains, we can start the tournament. HAVE FUN!  

~Fairy Fee

EDIT: you dont have to register yourself. We can update and implement the current score n battles that have been played. this site is meant for sharing and tracing purposes
Fairy Fee

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