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[TdN] How the tournament will work...

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[TdN] How the tournament will work...

Beitrag von Quotenasiate am 12/24/2013, 17:58

Ein Auszug aus dem TLT-Forum:

Herro folks,

This is a summary of the detailed act of the Languages Tour which takes place from 12/24/2013 until 01/26/2014. Please read through the following sections and ask questions if you do not understand any of these points.

First about the tournament in general:
We play in format Pokebank OU (beta), you are allowed to change the teams in between the rounds but not between the battles in the same round. The opponent will be allocated, the organization of the battles themselves is the job of every user. For that purpose you can send private messages in here (registration required), which will be safed after sending and make the arrangement a way easier.

The tours structure:
The pairings will be determined using the swiss method.
The tournament is divided in 5 rounds in which one room will face another room. They send out their representatives, who fight against the opposing users. This means that per match 8 pairs come into existence. These 8 couples struggle up to 3 fights to prevent hax.

The idea is to win as much as possible to get the most points. The points are distributed like this:

2 wins in the first 2 battles (no 3rd fight necessary): 3 points
2 wins and 1 lose: 2 points
1 win and 2 losses: 1 point
0 wins: 0 points
Give up = 0 wins: 0 points

Please save your replays to prove your wins (NO REPLAY, NO VICTORY!). Therefore it is important that you play on the main server, because only there the replays are stored correctly. If there are complaints because of tricking e.g. declaring wrong results, Tommy Chano Boy (IJovenChano) and I will decide about it, depending on the available replays. If no replays are available, the pairing will be forced to either a fight or there will be no points distributed.

After discharging the 3 (2) fights, you post the result together with the replays in the respective topic in "Results". To avoid confusion, agree on one of the encounter who publishes the result. More posts are to be made only in case of fraud, and only if the relevant evidence is available.

In the end, you will receive a group score containing all points of all representatives. In a total of 4 round you’ll get the chance to improve your score. The team with the highest total score wins.

Prizes, gifts or similar does not exist, because this tournament is meant for the entertainment only. And yet the winner will earn the respect and recognition of the rooms involved.

Thanks to all users for their participation and especially to those who have put this tournament on their feet.

~Durengard (mod in Deutsche room)              

PS: I repeat, if I forgot to mention anything, so reply to this post. I will not update this starting post, so you should view the questions as a supplement. I try to answer the questions as quickly as possible.

Mehr hier: http://pslanguagestour.createaforum.com/general-discussion/how-the-tournament-will-work/msg18/#msg18


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