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Mai 2015 Ausgabe Thema: a mysterious guy appears! Oh it's a wild Shame That!

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Mai 2015 Ausgabe Thema: a mysterious guy appears! Oh it's a wild Shame That!

Beitrag von CrimsonArcanine am 5/26/2015, 15:19

So ich habe mir mal unseren Shame zur Brust genommen und ihn ausgefragt^^ Viel Spaß die deutsche Fassung kommt heute Abend oder morgen bitte geduldet euch Very Happy


Naruto94: First, how are you?
Shame That:thanks for asking, i'm alright
Naruto94: actually i think that many of us see you as some kind of a mysterious guy, because no one really knows what you are doing in your free time. Might you tell us something about you?
Shame That: well, i'm currently a student finishing high school. i enjoy reading and writing (i'm a fan of Poe), but i also play lots of games, so i play quite a bit of League of Legends in free time when i'm not sleeping or studying. Smile
Naruto94: Oh that's great Smile have you made any plans in terms of future business yet?
Shame That: i'm not totally certain yet, but it'll likely be something along the lines of journalism. a future in writing is the career path i feel most confident in pursuing.
Naruto94: Oh thats sounds really nice, perhaps sometimes you will interview me Very Happy


Naruto94: So how did you get introduced to Pokémon?
Shame That: I played a lot as a kid after i got a gameboy advanced for my birthday. I kept buying the games after on DS, because i kind of enjoyed it, and one day when i was looking for cool moves i found smogon and it's sets. Smogon lead me to find showdown, where i am today Smile
Naruto94: I got to Pokémon just the same way!
Naruto94: Do you have a favourite Tier? like Ou or something?
Shame That: I was a huge fan of OU back in gen 4, but i only played that for a while before gen 5 came out; since then, my favorite tier has been gen 5 RU. i've played a bit of ORAS RU, and it's probably my preferred RU tier, but i don't think it can compare to its BW version.
Naruto94: Ah I have not played Ru by now^^ but anytime if you have are free we could play it together
Naruto94: What is your favourite Pokemon at this time?
Shame That: my current favorite, for a decent while now, is probably weavile. very cool type combination and i think it really matches his visual design!
Naruto94: Oh yeah weavile is really nice^^


Naruto94: You have mentioned that you were finishing high school at the moment before, is PS preventing you from studying?
Shame That: well, i suppose PS will always be a distraction and acts as something i need to dedicate spare time to due to my roles on the sim, including those in Deutsche. still, i think i would make spare time for fun regardless of whether or not i choose to spend that time on PS
Shame That: it just so happens that i enjoy using the time i have, when i dont need to study to chat with people on PS n_n
Naruto94: yeah i love that as well n.n
Naruto94: You are one of the Owners of this Room. Do you like the room? Although you are not that active?
Shame That: i definitely like the room Deutsche. unforunately, i'm not as connected with the community as i would like. i'm not fluent enough in German to keep up with the pace of the chat in peak hour most of the time, and in my nighttimes the room is mostly dead...
Shame That: i do, however, enjoy the room for its constant friendliness and your almost autonomous ability to maintain policy as a community Smile
Shame That: i'm very glad to be a part of this community!
Naruto94: Yeah im really happy too Smile
Naruto94: So what do you wish the room for future?
Naruto94: And would you change anything in order to be able to be a closer part of it?
Shame That: for the future of the room, i pretty much just want it to continue to grow and flourish as it is now. i'm proud of the size and friendliness the room has reached today, and all i can hope for is that it continues on that track to reach even better heights in future.
Shame That: i wouldn't change anything about it either. i may not be as close as i would like, but that's ultimately a problem of my own, not the rooms
Shame That: if the room reaches a point where i'm no longer close enough to it to join in with the community at all, then that's just a point i'd have to be ready to accept Smile
Naruto94: We all hope that it will never come so far
Naruto94: Actually I can say you are a very kind person
Naruto94: Thanks for your attention Shame Smile would you like to eventually point out a phrase to the community?
Shame That: sure; my interest in this room started with an interest in the language, but what has kept me here is how friendly the community is despite how large it has grown. thankyou to everyone who helps the room maintain the great environment it has n_n

P.S Vielen dank an Cori für die bearbeitung meines grotten schlechten Englisch :3

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Anmeldedatum : 21.05.14
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